Life Prior And Post Renovations – Haussmann

Born March 27th, 1809, Georges Eugène Haussmann began schooling at the Collège Henri – IV and the Lycée Condorcet in Paris; where he studied law. He as well studied music as a student at the Paris Conservatory of Music. In October 1838 he married Octavie de Laharde to whom he later had two daughters with. In May 1831 Haussmann began his career in public administration, working as secretary-general of the prefecture of the department of Vienne at Poitiers, soon becoming deputy prefect, and eventually prefect of the Seine Department in France.


After his dismissal from his duties and renovation’s to the city, Haussmann was thanked for his work. In 1857 Napoleon III proposed to make Haussmann a member of the French Senate, and to give him an honorary title (requested “Baron”). Although this never became official (he remained legally Monsieur Haussmann), he was awarded with many other honours:

-1857 made Senator

-1867 member of the Academy of Fine Arts

-1862 grand cross of the Legion of Fine Arts

-Name is preserved in the Boulevard Haussmann

Haussmann passed away January 11th, 1891 and his wife passed away just seventeen days later.

-“Georges-Eugène Haussmann.” Wikipedia. April 12, 2014. Accessed December 6, 2014.ène_Haussmann.


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